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Projects and activities

ASMEDI has proven to organize many professional media trainings for journalists, media staff and management, but also to create and manage demanding projects with short and long-term objectives.In the last three years, our most important projects and partners are: 


- DW Academy (2017-2019), coordination and execution of various activities of the three-year project "Young Media", related to improvement of production of media content for and about youth population as well as strengthening relationship between media and youth organizations.


- DW Academy (2014-2016), coordination and managing activities of  the Center for Media Development (CeRM), organization of trainings for journalists and media employees, improvement of the IT infrastructure media and media associations   


- Ministry of Culture and Information (2015, 2016, 2017) - Project "Privatization of media" with activities: public advocacy for changing the Law on Public Information and the Law on Privatization, public debates, training of media employees; Project "Do you understand the media?" - development of media literacy in 6 cities of Serbia; Project "The Real Measure of Media” – investigative study on media metrics in Serbia, including public registers and data base, on one side, and audience and advertising measurements, on the other side.   


- The German Embassy (2017):  organization and management of trainings for students of journalism “Professional and ethical standards of multiplatform journalism”


- The US Embassy (via partner Media News Consulting, 2014-2018): coordination of  "Seminars  for Media Professionals " - additional education of journalists to improve reporting in several areas: gray economy, digitization, Serbian reform, gender equality, development tourism, education, sustainable energy sources, health sector reform, infrastructure projects, agriculture ...; the attendees were from national and regional media, but also a lot of them were from local media from the underdeveloped parts of Serbia.