Serbian Media Association

April 3, 2018 / Comments Off on Serbian Media Association


Serbian Media Association (Asocijacija medija – ASMEDI) is the most important and one of the most active media associations in Serbia.  Our vision is developed and regulated Serbian media market with sustainable and competitive media companies.  ASMEDI’s mission is to promote the interest of media industry by engaging in a constructive dialogue with Serbian decision-makers and striving for a legislative environment that aims for a free, independent, diverse and modern media sector.


Serbian Media Association  is media development organization registered as association of media professionals in news sector. Our members are major publishers of national, regional and local newspapers and magazines, news agencies and the best rated news portals in Serbia. We cover more than 80% of Serbian print and on-line market with strong coverage within former Yugoslav countries. Our members are also publishers of minority language newspapers and magazines.

ASMEDI is non-profit organization financed through membership fees, project grants and partly by partners and sponsors. ASMEDI is governed by Managing board (9 members), Executive board (5 members) and Executive director.


ASMEDI is one of founders of Press Council of Serbia which is supported by EU Delegation in Serbia and has active cooperation with UNESCO.  ASMEDI is a member of the informal coalition, the Media Community, which gathers journalistic and media associations. ASMEDI’s President was a representative of the entire media community in negotiations with the state in the adoption of the first Media Strategy (2011). ASMEDI is a member of ENPA (European Newspaper Publishers Association).