About Us – History – Goals

The Media Association was founded in 2003, at the founding assembly attended by over 40 representatives of newspaper publishing houses, TV companies, and radio stations. Among them were the chief editors and executive managers from: Politika, Novosti, TV BK, Danas, Glas javnosti, Blic, TV Pink, Vreme, Telegraf, TV 5, Studio B, Svet, NiN, Palma Plus, B92, Vesti, and others. The first executive director and founder was Zoran Papić (long-time director of Novosti and Vesti), and the association was founded with the support of Komercijalna Banka. The first president of the Board of Directors was Manojlo Vukotić, and vice-presidents Slavica Nikolić Čorbić and Momčilo Đorgović, while Darko Ribnikar was the first president of the Supervisory Board. The business name of the association was “Association of newspaper publishers and electronic media”.


In a short time, the Association gathered around itself the most important media companies and soon became a representative business association of the media industry in Serbia. The activities of the Association in the first years are best illustrated by the Newsletter of the Association of Media that has been regularly published since 2004, and can be viewed in the Newsletter archive.


Media Association was recognized as a partner for conversation and business cooperation by many members of the diplomatic community in Serbia, including ambassadors of Germany, Finland, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Russia, France, Great Britain, USA and others.


In the following years, the interests of members of the Association profiled themselves towards the industry of newspaper publishers and news agencies, and the members were mostly publishing companies. Accordingly, the organization has amended the registration, and according to the Law on Enterprises from 2011, adopted the Statute of the Association and changed the name to “Media Association”. The latest amendments to the Statute were made in February 2014.


The goals of the Association are:

1. permanent improvement of the conditions of business of newspaper publishing houses, news agencies and portals – on all platforms,

2. implementation of the latest achievements in the field of the media industry,

3. launching legislative initiatives to better regulate the field of the media industry,

4. permanent additional professional education of employees in the media industry,

5. Cooperation with similar or identical media organizations from the country and the world.


In order to achieve its goals, the Association shall in particular:

– It represents the interests of members and newspaper publishers, news agencies and portals – on all platforms towards state authorities and organizations at all levels,


– It represents the interests of newspaper publishers, news agencies and portals – on all platforms towards public companies whose services are used,


– It represents the interests of members in the field of marketing activities,


– Representation of members’ interests in relation to suppliers of reproductive material and equipment in the field of newspaper publishing, graphics equipment and electronic media,


– It represents the interests of its members in the field of conducting market research and application of the obtained results,


– Organizes education and additional professional education of staff in newspaper publishing and electronic media activities,


– Organizes professional seminars, conferences, exhibitions, promotions, etc. dedicated to the latest developments and trends in the news publishing industry, electronic media and related industries,


– Monitor the latest trends at the technical and technological level and inform about the possibilities of their application,


– It represents the interests of the Association in contact with similar organizations in the world and organizes continuous cooperation,


Media Association is managed by a Steering Committee composed of 9 members. The president of the Board is Zoran Sekulić (director of news agency FoNet), and two vice-presidents are Veselin Simonović (Ringier Axel Springer) and Robert Čoban (Collor Pres Group). Executive Director is Dalila Ljubičić.


The media association is primarily funded through membership fees of media members. The work of the Association of Media is financially supported by the largest companies in Serbia, through membership fees (as affiliated members) or through a contract for business cooperation or sponsorship.


The Media Association is a member of the European Association of Newspaper Publishers (ENPA), which gives it the opportunity to access information and materials on related objectives at the European level.


In Serbia, the Media Association is part of the informal group Media Community, which is fostered on the occasion of the adoption of the Media Strategy in 2011, made up of media and journalistic associations, while associations with associations such as IAA Serbian Chapter and IAB Serbia have partnership relations. The media association is one of the founders of the Press Council – a self-regulatory body for print and online media.